In opposition to the excellent availability of solar radiation in the MENA countries relatively few PV and CSP applications exist, mainly due to the high investment costs of these renewable energy systems.

The successful application of adequate technologies for efficient long term planning depends on this specific knowledge, therefore the importance of the capacity building and dissemination of these facts.

A strong knowledge basis about renewable energies is present in all academic and research institutions participating in this project. Nevertheless, low practical experience exists in relation to fitting the energy generation to the demand profiles of the country. Due to the reduced number of operating solar power plants, there is low integration of the local industry in solar projects and, therefore, the reaction time for the development of new solar projects is too long.

HYMENSO aims to serve as a reference to guide local researchers and industry about the optimization of the power plants configurations to cover their necessities.


Main scientific objectives

· Create a data base of relevant local conditions for CSP and PV plants, such as meteorological data, industry capacity, energy demand, current energy production, and grid capacity of the participating MENA countries.

· Develop country specific solar energy roadmaps and concepts for combination of PV and CSP.

· Enhance local participation through capacity building and dissemination of results.

· Produce specifications of hybrid systems, to be applied on future prototypes and demonstrators to be developed in the continuity of this project.

· Demonstrate available subsystems in pilot applications.

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