Objectives / Work Packages / Deliverables

Main scientific objectives

Create a data base of relevant local conditions for CSP and PV plants, such as meteorological data, industry capacity, energy demand, current energy production, and grid capacity of the participating MENA countries.

Develop country specific solar energy roadmaps and concepts for combination of PV and CSP.

Enhance local participation through capacity building and dissemination of results.

Produce specifications of hybrid systems, to be applied on future prototypes and demonstrators to be developed in the continuity of this project.

Demonstrate available subsystems in pilot applications.


Work Packages (WPs)

WP 1 Market Research

1.1 Available irradiance datasets for CSP and PV will be analyzed and prepared according to the requirements

1.2 Model calculations and validation of results of solar irradiance from updated satellite-derived estimations of aerosol and cloud optical properties

1.3 Check local grid, demand and supply of the countries to simulate, analyze the current situation and expected future development

1.4 Determine local markets and capacities

1.5 Site assessment


WP 2 Technology Development

2.1 Design of PV - CSP hybrid system with different layouts

2.2 Yield analysis of PV - CSP solar system with thermal and electric energy storage

2.3 Simulation of system integration in existing factories or power plants


WP 3 Technology Development

3.1 Infrastructure preparation, Refurbishing of PV and CSP R&D facilities

3.2 Conceptual design of complementary systems

3.3 Testing and Qualification, operation of demo plants

3.4 Operation and plant data acquisition


WP 4 Knowledge Transfer

4.1 Capacity building

4.2 Knowledge Transfer among partner organizations


WP 5 Dissemination of project results

5.1 Publication material

5.2 Seminars and presentations


WP 6 Project Management

6.1 Project planning

6.2 Meeting Organization

6.3 Controlling and coordination of scientific activities


Main Deliverables

• Data collection for sites needed for simulation

• Simulation of different combined CSP PV systems

• Measured data of the reference plants or components of a CSP-PV hybrid plant

• Printed and digital material provided for dissemination and knowledge transfer Report about the main findings of the project and suggested follow-up projects or activities regarding combination of CSP and PV plants



HYMENSO presentation in 9th Egyptian-German Renewables Day

HYMENSO presentation in the 4th International Conference Energy & Meteorology